HOPO 75 Sliding Folding Doors

With special design, the HOPO75 system is commonly used for open structure projects such as family houses, garden villas, restaurants, hotels, and resorts, Sliding doors are like points connecting spaces, saving space each time the door is opened.

Wing width: 600mm – 900mm
Wing height: 2200mm – 3000mm
Wing weight: 90kg
Glass options from 6.38mm to a maximum of 26mm

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HOPO 75 Sliding Folding Doors Features:

  • Thickness of frame and sash profile : 1.8 mm;
  • The frame dimensions 75mm x 61mm;
  • The horizontal sash profile measures 68mm x 71mm;
  • The vertical sash profile measures 68mm x 57mm.
  • The height of low track is 13mm, also including 32mm height track solution for water barrier in balcony door.
  • Same profile structure can be used for out ward opening and inward opening.
  • EPDM gaskets ensure tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, heat insulation and anti-grip function design.
  • The frame, sash, corner using 2-component glue pump ensure the sealing effect and stability of the door set.
  • Stainless steel rails limit friction, increase door life cycle, help the door operate smoothly.
  • The conceal shoot bolt hardware on top and bottom improve security and outlook.
  • The bottom bearing load rollers allow doors reach large load (maximum 90kg/sash), smoothly operation, avoiding sashes sagging during use. The guide roller at the top helps the door move smoothly and resists vibration.
  • Stainless steel rails help smooth operation, increase the durability of the door set.
  • Single-point or multi-point locking for different security demand;
  • Many schemes are available 330, 431, 550, 633.

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