HOPO 65 Side Hung Door

Currently, the 65 side hung door is chosen by investors for construction projects from villas, high-class apartments to family houses.

The glass option uses single glass or insulating glass from 6.38 mm to 37mm.
Sash Width: 600mm – 1000mm
Sash Height: 2000mm – 3000mm
Max sash weight: 150kg

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HOPO 65 Side Hung Door Features:

  • Thickness of frame and sash profile : 2.0 mm.
  • The frame dimensions : 65 mm x 58 mm.
  • The door frame measures : 75 mm x 88 mm.
  • The aluminum profile is designed according to European C groove standards. It convenient for fittings installation, just thread the fittings into the groove and tighten the mounting screw into the aluminum, reduce drilling, gouging profile which no need to break the aluminum structure and ensure the strength and life cycle of the window set.
  • Three-layer EPDM gaskets ensure tightness, watertightness, sound insulation, heat insulation, especially the middle gasket layer.
  • The frame, sash, corner using 2-component glue pump ensure the sealing effect and stability of the door set.
  • Accessory materials selecting PVC and rubber ,screen sash uses 304 stainless steel, ensuring uniformity and aesthetics for the door set.
  • Wide range glass option : single glass or insulating glass from 6.38 mm to 37 mm. (based specifically on the glue or gasket plan)
  • Different hardware solutions meet diversified user needs

Door Specifications

  • Sash Width: 600mm – 1000mm
  • Sash Height: 2000mm – 3000mm
  • Max sash weight: 150kg

Outstanding system design makes HOPO65 side hung door system have many advantages which ensure long service life, receive natural light, catch the wind, save air conditioning costs.

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Stable Supply

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Caring Service

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