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Our precision design and engineering expertise lets you meet your process metrics – no matter which scene.


HOPO doors are robust, highly secure and fully customisable to create high-quality entrances and exits where you need it most. Choose from a broad range of functional variants, which are compatible with our window systems, and enjoy unlimited design freedom in your new-build or renovation project.


No better choice for your next project than our versatile aluminium windows. Optimal functionality meets excellent design, safety and energy efficiency in these trustworthy systems. Combine your desired opening type with one of our many profile designs, such as passive-energy or burglar-proof variants, and find your ideal building solution.


1. The upper hinge is installed with a positioning function;

2. The upper hinge aluminum rod has a plus or minus 2mm error interception

3. The aluminum rod of the transmission component has an error of plus or minus 5mm (angle drive and flip support).

4. The upper hinge has a new anti-swing function, which is fixed by screws and can be changed in specifications


1. NEW: new appearance, it breaks with all traditional doors and Windows


2. SLIM: Extremely narrow frame, maximized landscape, aesthetically pleasing.

3. UNIVERSAL SOLUTION: One series satisfies casement, sliding and bi-folding


4. INNOVATIVE: hardware hidden in the frame represents an authentic innovation

5. UPGRADED: Direct upgrade fully focused on customer needs.

Project Management

We’re with you every step of the way to ensure a successful project. Our experts in applications engineering, applied technologies and systems engineering engage with you in a structured approach that includes regular design reviews, ongoing updates and a final approval stage before your design moves into manufacturing.