Intelligent Innovation

HOPO develops suitable window and door systems according to different climatic regions. Innovation comes from deep understanding of future development trends, aesthetic preferences and the demand for life quality of peoples.

HOPO laboratory focus on global industry standard trends in windows and doors, external standards collection and research, internal enterprise standards precipitation, and R & D, production, procurement and other departments to collaborate, through objective test data, to provide support for product optimization, for enterprises to help the industry to better development. 

HOPO laboratory and R&D Center

HOPO joint China building system windows and doors alliance, alliance of real estate business association energy-saving windows and doors branch, Shandong University of architecture investment of nearly ten million yuan to build windows and doors system R & D and experimental base, covering an area of 2400 square meters, including Shenzhen laboratory covers an area of 2100 square meters, Guangdong Foshan laboratory covers an area of 300 square meters.

 HOPO R&D Staff

At present, the HOPO laboratory has R&D engineers, production optimization engineers for systems, a professional technical support service team, and a business docking staff of more than 150 people. Among them, there are more than 60 testing personnel, more than 40 with senior professional titles, and more than 50 with intermediate professional titles. The laboratory is equipped with a series of standard test rooms for composition & environmental protection tests, ESD tests, hardness tests, mechanical property tests, durability tests, roller tests, corrosion tests, aging tests, and product comprehensive tests.

Patent achievements

At present, HOPO has 631 core technology patents for domestic and foreign products and applications, as well as the copyrights of many product planning schemes and application programs. Among them, there are 22 invention patents, 209 utility model patents, 400 appearance patents, and also has 33 software copyrights.

Our professional testing center has been qualified and certified by CNAS. The accredited testing capabilities of the Shenzhen laboratory cover 40 testing standards for 9 categories of objects; and that of the Foshan laboratory cover 7 testing standards for 4 categories of objects. It has become an authoritative laboratory with third-party qualifications, providing technical support for enterprise product standard output, testing and certification output, door, and window production, and installation.

In the future, HOPO laboratory will continue to pay attention to the trend of global door and window industry standards, collect and study external standards while improve the company’s internal standards. Keeping close Cooperation with the company’s R&D, production, procurement and other departments, providing support for product optimization through objective data test, and helping the company and the industry to develop better.

Technological innovation empowers window companies

HOPO and STORO adheres to the innovative design spirit rooted in the long history and splendid culture of Italy, and is willing to apply new technologies, new materials and pursue new trends, making innovations in the shape and fixing method of baseless handles, color process, ZNP special plating alloy and Mzm stainless steel process, HSA hardware quick assembly technology, SAS hardware quick assembly technology, super high load-bearing hardware, landscape door and window hardware We do innovation in such aspects as entry doors, bedroom doors, window control hardware locking system for exterior windows, aesthetic design of exterior parts such as series of handles and hinges for doors and windows, and then deep plowing in the field of R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy doors and windows supporting products, fully reflecting the STORO brand’s focus on details and quality of doors and windows hardware.

HOPO lifestyle

The world is highly digitally connected

Technology advances to fuel home lifestyle innovation

With the emergence of 5G technology

Smart home opens up a new lifestyle for people

HOPO lifestyle window and door control terminal application

Focus on the home, to create a safe, healthy and comfortable easy and comfortable living space

HOPO gives full play to its advantages in r&d and innovation. After years of development and technological precipitation, HOPO has become a famous international brand in China. Its business covers over 50 regions all over the world. We provide customers with differentiated competitiveness of high-quality windows and doors, and windows hardware & solutions system solutions, continue to create value for customers, provide excellent products for end users and user experience, adhere to the needs of customers and the future trend of continuous innovation research and development new products, increase investment in research, to create windows and doors research and development and experimental base, thick accumulation, promote the sustainable and healthy development of windows and doors industry, and the improvement of windows and doors technology innovation and technological progress.