HOPO 180 Three Leaves Sliding Door

HOPO 180 Three Leaves Sliding Door is a perfect blend of form and function! The three leaves sliding door is a modern and sophisticated door solution that offers a unique and stylish touch to any room while providing effortless operation. These doors slide on tracks to open and close, allowing for easy access and maximum space utilization. With a sleek and contemporary design, the three leaves sliding door adds an element of sophistication to any space, while also letting in natural light and creating a brighter environment. From homes to offices, these doors provide a practical and stylish solution for any setting. Whether you are looking for a modern upgrade to your living room or an efficient way to partition your office space, the versatile three leaves sliding door is an excellent choice.

Leaf Width: 750mm – 2200 mm
Leaf Height: 2000mm – 3000 mm
Max Weight: 200kg
Wide range glass option: from 8mm to a maximum of 35mm

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HOPO 180 Three Leaves Sliding Door Features:

  • Thickness of frame and sash profile : 2.0 mm;
  • The frame dimensions 180mm x 38mm;
  • The sash profile measures: 95mm x 47mm;
  • Aluminum profile designed European standard C-groove.
  • The structure design of frame profile covers sash enhance level of resistance to prying.
  • Different bottom track height solutions help customers choose the door system suitable for the function for end user:
    • 38mm high track
    • 10mm low track
  • EPDM gaskets ensure tightness,water tightness, sound and heat insulation.
  • The frame, sash, corner using 2-component glue pump ensure the sealing effect and stability of the door set.
  • Stainless steel rails limit friction, increase door life cycle, help the door operate smoothly.
  • 200kg high level roller enhance door smoothly sliding, top guide roller against vibration, creating safety for the door.
  • Hardware solutions for sliding door system:
    • Single-point or multi-point options

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