Guangzhong Liu Visted HOPO
04 2 月 2023

Guangzhong Liu Visted HOPO

Guanzhong Liu is known as the father of industrial design in China. He came to HOPO and delivered a speech on “Chinese Industrial Solutions”.

According to Professor Liu, design is the third intelligence of humans that will never be extinguished. Industrial design serves as both a kind of art and a method of thinking that was prevalent during the industrial era. Its main goal is to give a vision for the future while also using creativity to address issues that exist now. While applying the concept of design to explain “China Industrial Solutions,” we can also construct a “way of life” that has never been seen before and produce a Chinese-featured system and style.

Professor Liu’s speech and philosophy have greatly benefited the staff of HOPO. His industrial design concept has enabled the employees to regain the power and role of design, providing new ideas for HOPO Window and Door design. And HOPO also develops suitable window and door systems according to different climatic regions.

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