Product Advantages of HOPO Top-hung Casement Window ATA80

The structural design of hanging-mechanism for ATA80 ensures that the window sash will never droop or decline in both top-hung and turn-out opening positions with high convenience in operation and long lifespan for the whole window. Sash parts of the hinge ATA80 are made of stainless steel SS304 that ensures sash safety together with a special designed anti-drop device mounted at the hinge side. Direct blowing wind on the window can not close the projected window due to the innovative design of the supporting stay arm, no matter how strong the wind load would be. However, it will not make closing window with any difficulty! Just push out a little bit, then the window can be closed with extreme ease. It is always recommended to let the opening the window in awning position for benefits of protecting raining, direct blowing wind, and peeping from outside. The turn-out opening position is good for enjoying maximized view for people, and can be used as an exit in emergency situation. The top-hung casement window fitting ATA80 are designed for profiles with standard C grooves, 15/20 mm (sash) and 14/18 mm (frame).