Project Description

The system remain the advantage of traditional tilt-turn window, with its tilt position for ventilation and turning position for cleaning glass. The operation of handle is very easy to switch between tilting, turning and locking the window. The specialty of the system is that it can limit the free movement of the sash, preventing accidental hurt or damage inside the room.

When turning the handle down, the four sides of the window can be locked by the locking points (with optional locking points at hinge and bottom sides). Sealing gaskets on four sides have composed an excellent sealing system under pressing force reached by locking system, achieving better sealing effect than normal casement window in aspects of sound insulting, dust and water proofing.

When turning the handle to horizontal position, the sash can be opened inward for purposes of cleaning glass, or escape in emergency.

When turning the handle up, the sash is tilting inward. Rooms can be softly ventilated, in stead of blowed directly that could cause unpleasant feeling or even chaos if the wind were very strong suddenly. The mechanical design of handle operation structure can prevent open operation from the outside.

Stay the sash at any position within the opening range:

After turning handle horizontally and let the sash in turning position, turning the handle down in any position within the opening range, the sash will be stayed. If there was anything pushing the sash, the sash will be moved but with constant damping force, preventing damage to structure of the system, such as hinges.