Project Description

Multiple Functional Window with Easy Operations

The window can be turned out horizontally or projected with operations of merely one handle!

When turning the handle down vertically, to the locked position, the four sides of sash will be locked by locking points. The circumferential locking system (with optional locking points in hinge and bottom sides) ensures perfect sealing effect in aspects of sound insulting, and dust or water proofing.

When turning the handle to the horizontal position, the sash will be projected in an awing position, thus your room can be softly ventilated. This position is used to prevent wind blowing directly to an individual that could cause unpleasant feeling or even chaos if the wind were very strong.

When turning the handle up, the window can swing out up to 90 degrees. This allows the window to be freely opened. The window can be prevented from moving with a lockable handle that is specified for the window.

Ventilation in Raining Weather

You may want a breath of fresh air while it is drizzling. With the 13 mm opening width, the sash can be projected for purpose of ventilation without making your floor wet by the rain.

Theft Resistance

The mechanical design of the supporting structure for projecting position has achieved high stability against sash weight and wind load. The design has a perfect combination between easy operation from the inside and preventing opening from the outside. Direct pulling when the window is open, can not close it no matter how much force you apply. The sash will come back easily after you slightly push it outward.

Preventing unauthorized opening for safety

The sash can only be opened to the projecting position when the lockable handle is locked with a key. Thus the window can be used for purpose of ventilation without the possibility of a falling accident. In emergent cases, the unlocked window can be used as an exit for escaping any sort of danger.