HOPO Philosophy

Happiness, honesty, share,and perseverance are the four key team components initiated by HOPO. These components are extracted and summarized from company’s past experience of operation and management, representing common valuation criteria for business behaviors of our team.

The philosophy and life attitudes, expressed by the four team components, are not only followed within HOPO team but also advocated within our suppliers, partners, customers, and end-users. We propagate our positive value orientation and behavior criteria to the whole society through our products and services.

What we pursue in our life is not merely the final result, but the satisfaction and happiness obtained through the process. A happy individual will treasure what one obtained, and be thankful to all who gave their support. Only when you understood what you should treasure and be thankful for, you could face your life positively, and work inventively with full enthusiasm. Sincerity is the easiest way of life. No success of a person comes without supports and helps from others. What we share is not just honor, wealth, and achievements, sometimes we have to face pressures and challenges together. Perseverance is the concept for us when we face difficulties and defeats. To have a clear mind in front of seductions. We should not let ourselves be lost, and follow the common principles and criteria to be a social person and to do our jobs.

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