HOPO was invited to join the Chinese brand day summit meeting with local famous brand entrepreneurs

Shenzhen, as one of the world’s top three innovation centers, has created a number of corporate legends. It has fostered the innovation of famous pioneer brands, such as Huawei, Dji and Bgi, and witnessed the rapid rise of Shenzhen famous brand enterprises, such as Winner Medical, Rainbow and HOPO.

In order to promote the rapid development of Shenzhen regional brands, on May 10, the ” 2020 Chinese Brands Day local activities in Shenzhen(Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area on-line summit meeting on brand building) ” was held at MEILIN CENTRAL PLAZA, which is organized by NDRC, UNIDO and Shenzhen industry association. Leaders of Shenzhen famous brand enterprises and experts of global famous brand service institutions gathered in the on-line meeting to expand new ideas for enterprises to carry out brand building.

Since 2017, May 10 will be set as “Chinese Brands Day” every year by the state council, and related activities will be held in all parts of the country. The purpose of this activity is to start from the reality of Shenzhen brand construction, and to express opinions on how to promote brand internationalization, how to improve brand equity, how to carry out brand marketing and other topics, so as to inspire wisdom and expand ideas for enterprises to carry out brand construction.

The scale of the event is unprecedented, and it has also been well received and reported by Shenzhen Economic Daily, Financial Channel of Shenzhen Media Group, SZNEWS, IFENG.COM financial and other authoritative media.

The event was held online in the form of “on-line summit meeting”, which invited experts, scholars and leaders of leading brand enterprises from famous brand institutions to share the experience and results of brand building with hundreds of thousands of netizens.

Among them, Mr. Li Zengbang, President of Shenzhen HOPO window control technology Co. Ltd, as a well-known brand enterprise in the window and door industry in Shenzhen, was invited to share “Concentrate the positive energy of the brand, Fight together against the virus”, which won numerous audience’s thumbs up.

Industry leaders discuss the future and express unique insights

President Li, chairman of HOPO window control technology Co. Ltd , Cao hu, global partner of KMG, Chen Yideng, President of Brand Finance in China, Shan Ren, financial commentator of CCTV-2, Zhang Li, CEO of Winner Medical, and other experts of global famous Brand service institutions and leaders of well-known enterprises,gathered online to express their vision on brand building and introduce new ideas for enterprises to carry out brand building.

At the event site, President Li was interviewed by media reporters from SZTV and IFENG.COM .

On brand building, President Li said: In any case, the establishment of a brand is the result after many actions, because the brand often represents the core competitiveness of enterprises or products; a brand is in fact the representative of various core competencies.

This is especially true for our B2B businesses, which daily face very rational buyers and long-term decision makers. Therefore, the core point of our brand work is to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise — to ensure that we can better understand customers’ needs and provide better solutions and unique values. HOPO’s core competitiveness comes from three aspects:
1. Innovative R&D capacity based on market needs;

2.Rapid delivery capability of supply chains;

3.Exceeding customer service expectations.

At present, based on the talent and supply chain advantages of Shenzhen, we have been relatively recognized by customers for the first and the second aspects. Regarding the third point, which is to exceed the expected service, we still have huge room for improvement. The 12 branches across the country need to maintain a high standard of customer service, and we need to keep improving on the management skills and ability. This is also an important link for us to increase investment while maintaining the other two advantages. “Through the change of windows and doors, to make the world better” is the purpose of our enterprise. Our staff colloquially translates this as: Change the world by changing windows and doors!

The round-table discussion about the brand building of window and door industry

The round-table meeting “Concentrate the positive energy of the brand, Fight together against the virus” was hosted by Li Chaoshu, executive chairman of Shenzhen association for the promotion of enterprise brand building, visiting professor of training school for communication of The University of China, and famous brand training expert. In the dialogue, the experts expressed their point of views, The speech of President Li of HOPO with professional and incisive language won people’s thumb up and applause. He expressed views combined with the current situation of the industry under the epidemic and looked forward to the future of the window and door industry.

Host: What positive role did the company’s brand influence and values play in this epidemic?

President Li: HOPO team always advocates the conduct and value proposition of “happiness, honesty, sharing, insistence, persistence and devotion”. The epidemic will undoubtedly cause a lot of anxiety and stress for employees. In our case, more than 300 employees started telecommuting on February 7th. In fact, with the purpose of livening up the atmosphere and get to know each other, we launched an essay contest on the epidemic that yielded more than 60 articles by our staff. Two “Tik Tok”video competitions were held around the company’s hot-sale products, which enlivened the atmosphere and enabled employees to cooperate and compete with each other in different departments and groups. Many creative highlights of teamwork were revealed, as well as a good number of clicks on “Tik Tok”. We found out several excellent actors and editors through this activity among our staffs. After resuming duties at work, we set up a new‘media projects department’ to recruit professionals to continue this work.

On February 18, we opened the windows and doors craftsman lecture course for the whole industry, which was broadcasted from Monday to Saturday at 8pm. During the epidemic period, it allowed the industry’s top technical experts to spread the technical knowledge of windows and doors to the industry through online live broadcasting.

Actually, most people in the industry know that windows and doors craftsman lecture course is the industry knowledge learning activity organized by HOPO. HOPO has been organizing the windows and doors craftsman club during the exhibition in November every year for years, which was composed by more than 100 high-end customer- founders and senior managers. Each time, it released an industry research report, which attracted much attention from the industry. “HOPO, the advocate of Chinese windows and doors craftsman”, as the slogan, called out the importance of the spirit of window and door craftsmanship for the industry to colleagues during the exhibition, which also held a significant interest and recognition.

We believe that the crisis of the epidemic has also brought us positive elements, in that, people no longer blindly pursue foreign brands and imported brands; in fact, they now prefer going straight to the essence of the product.

For example, the customer now chooses:

  • Productsthat can truly solve the problems of enterprise and end consumer.
  • Suppliers who have a better plan,
  • Suppliers whose delivery is more stable and efficient,
  • Suppliers whose service is more satisfying, etc.

This epidemic gave us a good opportunity to launch 9 new product series that HOPO has already developed with domestic expert customers of windows and doors. And can also let us launch the new HOPO Pro brand. HOPO Pro brings new features, visual and ‘experiential surprises’ to customers. To this end, our team is fully confident to have the ability to achieve this year’s most challenging goals.

During the epidemic, the company’s code of conduct of “Earnest, rigorous, quick-response and execution like wolves” played an important role.

Host: during the epidemic, what values and achievements have the anti-epidemic actions and efforts contributed to your company’s brand?

President Li: Frankly speaking, the epidemic has brought us closer to our customers. Because of the impact of the epidemic, enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industry have become more rational and have given great importance to the stakeholders. They see each other’s problems as their own, because the other party’s small problem, may become their own big problem. This sense of being united in life and death, holding together for warmth, is unusually strong after the epidemic. There is now a lot more communication among people than usual.

The successful launch of the public course “window and door craftsman workshop” is what we can do for the industry during the epidemic. This ushered in a good industry reputation for the company’s brand. Although it is a class open to the public, our employees have not lowered their standards at all. The staff carefully reviewed the coursework and gave suggestions to the teachers in the trial stage, which eventually made the teachers realize that “HOPO people are so serious in everything they do”.

Many teachers sincerely appreciated our work and our rigorous academic attitude in the process of lecturing: their comments and praise on us in class are better than a thousand times of self-promotion. The public course of window and door craftsman workshop, helped colleagues achieve improvements over industry knowledge, and also let HOPO gain a good brand reputation in the industry. Essentially, it has laid a favorable foundation for HOPO’s market expansion after the epidemic.