HOPO Inc. is a pround member of AAMA and WDDA

Respect is formed by quality. This is the key sentence for all staff in the production department. Quality control procedure starts from the very beginning of product design. All potential quality risks have evaluated and rectified very carefully. In process of production, the chain of suppliers is the first step in controlling the quality. Inspection and supervision of every detail of materials and manufacturing technologies have been enhanced by the HOPO team, to ensure all parts comply with the technical standards and requirements before entering the production.

Quality control during the production depends mainly on automatic assembly equipment. Through the interchanging inspection between production procedures, hidden dangers for quality will be discovered and eliminated. All qualified products will enter the packing process through a two-dimension code scanning procedure. HOPO’s two-dimension code system has included all information about suppliers, production time and batch, stock position, ordering details, and customer information.

Perfect managing systems, equipment, tools are hardware aspect of quality control. However, the company’s culture and working attitude of staff are necessary software aspect of quality control as well. Therefore, HOPO invested for a long time in the establishment of belonging sense and pride for all working staff.

HOPO quality experiment center, a test center to check the quality of spare parts and finished products, is designed and formed by HOPO QC department. Tests of endurance, weather-proof, over-load capability are designed to simulate real application situations. In this way, we can discover problems more directly and efficiently than third-party test, thus solving the problem more effectively. Certificate application for patented new products, especially system solution for certain window operation has been done in cooperation with some European test companies according to EN standard.