2 kinds of opening signals, and more

All kinds of relay signals can be connected to the control unit, making entrance as comfort as you may wish. 2 kinds of sensors are provided for the door at present.

Radar sensor will be activated by your movement to the door, and the door leaf will be opened upon receiving opening signals. Range of sensing can be adjusted in width and depth according to your personal requirements.

Untouchable sensor can be activated by existence of your body in distance of 0-15mm, and the door leaf will be opened after receipt of opening signals. Normally, the mounting height of the sensor is the same as your elbow.

Slim Design with Conciseness and Elegance

The slim design of profiles, only 65mm in width, for the kitchen door makes its appearance simple and beautiful. All drive and control parts are concealed into frame profiles. The flush pull is easy to operate, and used to open the door leaf in case of power failure.

Safety and Convenience

The 15mm height of the bottom running rail makes your entrance barrier-free.

The closing leaf will be stopped and re-opened when there was any obstacles on its way sensed by infrared light barrier.

The sealing gaskets on top and bottom can achieve high levels of sound insulating, smoke proofing, thermal breaking performance and perfect sealing effect.

The brushless DC Motor has the advantage of low noise and smooth movement.