Company profile

From 2003, HOPO experienced several steps of development in aspects of products, services, and brand image.

The initial development of the company was powered by the market demand for sliding windows and doors, while European companies had few solutions for it. Rollers for different grooves, various locking solutions for C groove leaf profiles, many flush locks and pull handles have been developed for sliding doors and windows. The smart design of the C groove locking system achieved several solutions, unlockable solution with square spindle handles or fork handles, lockable solution with cylinder for entrance door, pull handle for heavy door solutions, that covered all range of people’s demand for sliding windows and doors. From the cooperation with and services to fabricators, HOPO became the leading brand in this field. Patents have been registered for hundreds of products.

Based on introspection of traditional European products, HOPO has redeveloped some new solutions, tilt-turn windows for alu-wood profiles, with sliding stay functions, with fixed turning-width solutions; lift-sliding door fittings with free-corner solutions; casement windows and doors with K groove profiles. Optimized structure designs and materials utility make HOPO fittings with more fluent operating experience and prolonged life time. In these product ranges, the company’s strategy is to make the best windows and doors hardware in the world. These quality products brought very positive influence to the brand image of HOPO in the market.

Our dynamic technical team has not stopped at the stage of merely making good products, they wanted to something new. The innovative efforts leads to some revolutionary windows and doors system, the multi-functional casement windows, bi-folding doors, slide-sealing door…… Some re-invent designs has solved problems that existed in the field for many many years.

In procedure of internationalization, we achieved an idea that different markets or market at different level of development may have different demands for windows and doors. These customized or bespoke system design targeted directly to requirements from certain markets. Some regions may have special requirement for thermal break system, while other regions may focus specially on extreme water-proof or typhoon resistance quality. Some regions may have special requirements for safety or security.

All our efforts of products and services developments are finally targeting on customers, requirements for windows and doors. And we will not stop at any success achieved up to now and face to challenges from any aspects or directions

Value proposition

What we persuit in our life is not merely the final result, but the satisfaction and happiness obtained through the process. A happy person will treasure what he/she obtained, and be thankful to all who gave supports to him/her. Only when you understood what you should treasure and be thankful, you could face your life possitively, and work inventively with full enthusiasm.
Sincerity is the most easy way of life.
No success of a person comes without supports and helps from others. What we share are not just honors, wealth and achievements, sometimes we have to face preasures and challenges together.
Perseverance is the concept for us when we face difficulties and defeats. To be clear-mind in front of seductions. We should not let ourselves lost, and follow the common principles and criteria to be a social person and to do our jobs.